When I was 10  years old I set up a painting studio in our attic. I would           spend entire days up there in the smoldering heat just painting. When I was 12 years old I worked all summer doing odd jobs saving every dollar to buy my first 35mm camera: a Pentax ZXM with a 50mm fixed lens. I continued doing odd jobs to supply  myself with film, more lenses, books, and darkroom equipment, along with paints, tools, sculpting supplies and anything needed for my art. when I was 15, I was able to set up a very crude make shift darkroom and art studio in an old out building behind my parents plantation house. This old out building, which at one time had been slave quarters , became for me a place where I could lock out the world and learn to create. Thinking back I don’t ever remember a time when I did not know I was an artist and have the uncontrollable urge to make something.  After graduating high school, I went on to graduate with honors from the school of commercial photography at North Georgia Technical Collage. I then moved to Athens, Georgia to start my carreer in photography. In my 10 plus years in the field I have had the honor of being published in both local and national publications, had many solo exhibitions, and been part of many joint exhibitions, and contracted to shoot tons of jobs in just about every field. However, I never much cared for the rat race, so slowly I began to focus more on my own art: silver based photography, sculpture, building art furniture, blacksmithing, metal working, wood working and turning, casting and ceramics. I now spend my time making and finding homes for these pieces.